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  •  Independent Safeguarding Audit of the Archdiocese of Glasgow
    NOVEMBER 2021

    The Catholic Church in Glasgow is issuing an extraordinary appeal during the month of November to anyone who may have been affected by any kind of abuse at the hands of clergy or church officials … tell us where we went wrong and how we can do better.

    During November, The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCEI) is conducting an external, independent review of the Archdiocese of Glasgow to hear from people with first-hand experience of how the Archdiocese has responded to reports of abuse.

    A spokesman for the Archdiocese said: “This is a genuine attempt to listen and learn. The Social Care Institute is a totally independent body which will conduct this month long audit. The Archdiocese will have no role except to help to publicise that the audit is taking place, and that the external team want to hear directly from abuse survivors.

    The Social Care Institute wants to understand what is happening today and what has gone wrong in the past. They are looking at the responses of people in diocesan roles to knowledge of abuse by clergy or risks posed by clergy and others in Church-related roles, paid or voluntary.

    While the audit will concentrate on the last 5 years, we recommend that anyone who has experience of how we have dealt with abuse claims should speak to SCIE staff directly. Nobody at any level in the Church will be told that they are taking part. What they you tell SCIE will be confidential and will not be shared with the Archdiocese except as part of an overall report which will absolutely not identify any individual.

    Dr Sheila Fish, SCIE Head of Audit and Review, said: We want to understand what is working well and where there are problems. We want to hear from people with first-hand experience of how people in diocesan roles have responded to disclosures of abuse or sharing of concerns.

    When the work has been completed the Archdiocese will publish the report and copies will be made available to survivors.

    Anyone who may wish to report on their experience should contact SCIE directly by email at:
    or by phone on 07921 251614.

    SCIE will then get in touch to arrange a time to report to the auditors in a way that suits each individual.

    Caterina O'Connor
    Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser (DSA)

  • COVID-19 Restrictions
    for holy mass from 
    monday 23rd Augiust 2021

    From Monday the 23rd August the Scottish Government has relaxed Covid restrictions for places of public worship. These are summarised as follows:-
    There is no obligation for the 1m metre social distancing rule between household groups.

    You should now return to your seats after Holy Communion.

    However it is recognised that some people will not feel comfortable with this.
    Therefore the top half of our Church nearest to the altar will still utilise the two metre rule until further notice.

    The bottom half nearer the door will have no restrictions.

    Children under 12 are exempt from wearing face coverings.

    Good ventilation is an important tool and doors and windows should remain open when possible.

    All other guidelines are still in place, i.e. Hand Sanitising, Face Coverings, Contact Tracing and Cleaning of Pews.

    Please note due to increased numbers it’s going to take longer to complete the necessary protocols which must be adhered to before Mass starts. As a consequence, the doors will be closed once Mass has started.

    Please come early to Holy Mass.

    The rules on Funerals and Weddings have also been changed and there are now no restrictions on the numbers attending. However, the rules detailed above must still be adhered to and Contact Tracing must be provided prior to the start of the service by the organiser.

    Please note that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be suspended.

    The website will continue to be updated as new information is published.

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